To submit your film to the SPELLO – International Short Film Festival (SISFF), please read our eligibility requirements below.

Each production must be registered on the appropriate entry form (or copy) downloadable from the site, which must be sent to:

Films must have been completed after December 2019.
We accept all categories of animation films: traditional animation, 2d digital, mix media and stop motion, 3d and visual effects, music videos, experimental.
Running time for the short films must be no more then 30 minutes.
Foreign films submitted to the Festival must be subtitled in Italian or English (.srt file).
Entries with HD digital files (1080p – H.264 – MP4 – MOV).
You must upload the work on a file sharing website (vimeo, dropbox, wetransfer, 4shared, etc..)
Those selected for screening during the SISFF Awards will be notified at least one (1) month before the event starts by e-mail.
One official entry form must accompany each individual submission.
Film producers must also agree to include in future promotion material the mention of the participation at the SISFF, the relevant section and any award received, along with the official SPELLOISFF LOGO.
The works already sent to the previous editions of “Spello int’l short film festival ” will not be admitted.

SISFF AWARD recepients are determined by a jury of producers, distributors and journalists.

The jury will decide the winners by evaluating overall the various processes and professions who participated, especially the script, the cinematography, the costumes, set design, makeup, sound, music.

The prizes and special mentions for international competition:


Up to 11 shorts films will be selected as finalists in the SISFF Awards competition.
The winners ill be chosen by a jury of entertainment industry professionals, and announced at the Winner’s Day.

The following items MUST accompany with online entry form.
– Digital HD file with English or Italian subtitles (1080p – H.264 – MOV – MP4).
You can upload the work on a file sharing website (eg vimeo, dropbox, wetransfer, etc..)
– Short Synopsis (by email)
– One line Synopsis (by email)
– Director’s Biography (by email)
– n.1 B&W or color stills of director (we prefer JPEG/TIFF 300 DPI by email)
– n.2 B&W or color stills of film (we prefer JPEG/TIFF 300 DPI by email)
– Complete principal credits list (by email)

These items may be used in our catalogue or web site and may be released to the news media in order to promote selected films.

NOTICE: As part of our mission statement, our organization may refer names and contacts of submitting filmmakers to independent distributors, creative agencies, press and internet companies. Tapes and other related materials, however, remain in the strict possession of the Festival’s archive.

The Festival reserves the right to complete any information not provided by the participant, using any available source, and will not be responsible if incorrect information is given.
The SpelloISFF reserves the right to add, modify, change, or cancel parts of the regulations at any time without prior notification.
The SpelloISFF will provide the best possible screening quality but will not be responsible for any inevitable technical problem related to the quality of the screening. There will be no refunds of any kind in the above cases.
If selected for screening, the participants unreservedly grant the Festival the right to use scenes, stills and/or titles, and any additional information for promotional purposes.
Once selected for official screening, the audiovisuals cannot be withdrawn from their category.
The Festival organization reserves the right to modify or suspend the event.
The Festival organization has the right to assess individually and to take into consideration all cases not present in the Call for Submissions.
Participation in the SpelloISFF means that the Call for Submissions has been understood and accepted in all its parts.

If you have any questions please write to this address mail: