Who are we?

…… a film finishes and everyone stands up to leave the screening room, the film credits are however still being shown, and in doing so the immense work by those professionals, who contributed to the making of the film with passion and professionalism, is overlooked.  How much hard work and sacrifice has been involved? Who are these people behind the scenes?

For this reason il Festival del Cinema Città di Spello ed I Borghi Umbri – “RASSEGNA CONCORSO LE PROFESSIONI DEL CINEMA“, was established in 2012; dedicated to those professionals behind the scenes of cinema:


To organise the event l’Associazione Culturale di Promozione Sociale Aurora, the purpose being to promote all forms of film culture and in particular the diffusion of film culture.

The idea of the festival was created by Donatella Cocchini, President of L’Associazione Culturale Aurora and director, Fabrizio Cattani, Artistic Director.

From next year the festival has a new section dedicated to short films by professionals from around the world with the competition:

“Spello International Short Film Festival”


The Judges:

Composed mainly by professionals from the following sectors: producers, actors, directors, journalists.

The territory:

Umbrian excellence is another priority of the festival, starting with its central location Spello, la cossidetta splendissima Colonia Julia, rich in history, art, culture, gastronomy, events and is joined year after year by Borghi Umbri.

Young people:

To bring young people closer to cinema professionals and their work through seminars and workshops in schools; from nursery schools to high schools with highly experienced professionals.  Promoting young people’s involvement also occurs through the participation of high school students in a National competition, which every year has different themes.

Social aspect:

Every year, during the course of the festival, an event highlights Umbrian social issues and the need for funds to carry out important projects.


From 2015 the festival is participating in Europe, by inserting European films in its events, building association and partnership with European and International associations.

Twinning and Partnership:

Festival Cinema Lipari, Tour Film Festival Lecce, Tour Film Festival Spalato, IFFEST Document art of Bucharest, Associazione Culturale British Italian Society of London, Associazione Culturale New York Italians of New York and Idea Magazine of New York.

Excellence Award:

Every year an award is given for excellence.  In 2013 the award was given in remembrance of Maestro Carlo Rambaldi, given to and accepted by his son Victor Rambaldi.  In 2014 the award for excellence was given to and accepted by Maestro Vittorio Storaro, Director photography .


The showing of nine competition films (selected by a jury of prestigious names in Italian Cinema), chosen from Italian films that were released in cinemas the previous year. In 2015 seven European feature films will be shown, chosen from films that were released in the previous two years. Included among the other films chosen, there will be those with less distribution opportunity, nevertheless films of quality.

Documentary Competition section, with a new theme every year.

Backstage Feature film section, of films produced during the previous two years.

Artistic Director:

Fabrizio Cattani

A distinguished and perceptive director in his work: in 2005 he was writer and director of the feature film Il Rabdomante which was released in 2007 and winner of 20 awards in the various film festivals. In 2011 he was writerand director of the feature film Maternity Blues, based onthe theatre script “From Medea” by Grazia Verasani. The film was presented in Venice, at the 68 Mostra Internazionale d’arte Cinematografico in the section Controcampo Italiano, and won. Amongst other awards; il Premio Tonino Guerra for the best screenplay at Bif&st in Bari, Il Globo d’Oro by the foreign media for “the most unforgettable film”, the “European Golden Globe” to Andrea Osvart for revelationactress and also for Andre Osvart, il Nastro d’Argento by film critics for her interpretation in the film.

At the present he is working on a new screenplay, for a feature film entitled Uomini e Cani, based on the romance by Omar Di Monopoli.


Associazione Culturale di Promozione Sociale Aurora

President Donatella Cocchini

graduated in Economy and Tourism with more than twenty years’ experience in the tourist sector, tourist marketing and promoting the respective territory and organizing events.

Vice president Agnese Cerquaglia

Treasurer Maria Teresa Distefano

Secretary Silvia Angelucci, Roberto Moretti


Stefano Bagliani